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The 11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management

At the College of Information Sciences and Technology,
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park
May 18-21, 2014


The theme for ISCRAM2014 is empowering citizens and communities through information systems for crisis response and management. Through this theme we focus on the local community, the individual and the technologies that can be employed to improve crisis response at the very local level. ISCRAM2014 will reframe first responders as everyday people who provide first aid, transport victims to hospitals in their own cars, and begin search and rescue rather than only the trained emergency response professionals. ISCRAM will reframe information systems for emergency response as socially-distributed information systems, in which information is disseminated within and between official and public channels and entities. ISCRAM2014 will advocate innovative ICT, to leverage the power of the collective intelligence of the citizenry to support natural instincts, which are to search for reliable information using any means possible to optimize for local conditions.

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